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     When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers first entered the National Football League back in 1976, they took to the field in one of the most vibrant sets of uniforms the league had ever seen. A stark creamsicle orange jersey paired with bright white pants and helmet were certainly eye-catching, especially on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Over the years, the team’s color palette grew darker, and their whimsical blade-wielding Pirate logo was cast aside for the much more dramatic skull and crossbones motif.

     Fast-forward to 2020, and the team is about to set sail for a new era in their franchise history. The Buccaneers have shed their aggressively mediocre quarterback in favor of the savvy vet and Patriots legend, Tom Brady. What the Bucs need to usher in this new phase of their legacy is an identity that is both fresh and exciting, yet has not lost sight of shore.

     Presenting, the new and improved Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo and uniform set. Check out the images below to see the proposed identity of the Bucs in 2020.

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  • New Pirate skull logo pays homage to historic logo, but with a modern feel

  • Reduced color palette - throwback to “Creamsicle” uniforms, separates from Oakland Raiders identity

  • Jersey numbers cleaner, but still stylized - No more “Alarm Clock Numbers” 

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