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     The San Antonio Spurs have featured a clean and effective team identity for several decades now, but many NBA fans would agree that the current logo set lacks the vibrant colors and San Antonio flavor that it once had. The late 80’s/90’s era Spurs logo was reminiscent of a paintbrush loaded with color, bursting with teal, pink and orange in stark contrast with the black background they sat on.

     Like they did for many teams at this time, the 2000’s came along and changed the Spurs’ look completely. The proposed logo update created as a result of this logo case study is a nod to the vibrant logo the Spurs once wore, as well as the incredibly popular jerseys worn in the ‘96 All-Star Game, which took place in San Antonio.

     The city of San Antonio is rich in culture, and is home to many Mexican-Americans given its proximity to our southern border. It’s time the San Antonio Spurs’ identity properly reflected the cultural melting pot of the city that it calls home. Check out the images below to see the proposed identity of the Spurs for 2022.

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