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     The Charlotte Hornets have experienced their fair share of identity crises, hopping around from Charlotte to New Orleans (and even Oklahoma City for a short while!) and playing as the Bobcats for a decade in the middle. Since it seems the team is sticking around the Queen City for a while, the Hornets deserve an identity that is both modern yet not too over-designed.

     In 2014, the Hornets unveiled an extensive logo and uniform set, but the overly angular design of the current logo missed the mark for fans. An identity refresh could do wonders for the Hornets, who regularly find themselves at the bottom of the jersey sales list. Check out the images below to see the proposed identity of the Hornets in 2020.

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     The franchise’s most beloved logo over the years was during their first stint in Charlotte, which featured a cartoonish hornet dribbling a basketball. The look was very befitting of its time, but would likely stand out in today’s NBA if it were to simply be brought back unchanged. The proposed logo update created as a result of this logo case study pays homage to the fan-favorite logo, while giving off a more modern aesthetic.

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  • Retro uniform striping brought back, with modern wordmarks & numbers

  • Gradient piping trims darker jerseys with vibrant team colors

  • New custom 'CHA' crowned tertiary logo mark

  • "Buzz City" nickname jerseys brought in

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