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     Once possessing one of the most colorful identities in the NBA, the Denver Nuggets now find themselves in a bit of a rut in the logo and uniform department. The club has repeatedly revised their look over the years, but have yet to achieve the level of success that they once had with their rainbow-clad jerseys of the 80’s and early 90’s. The logo was simple yet so effective, and unlike any others in the NBA. The Nuggets have half-heartedly attempted to re-incorporate the rainbow / Denver skyline combo into their modern jerseys, but appear to have missed the mark.

     The proposed logo update created as a result of this logo case study is a nod to the famous Denver skyline, as well as the complete re-integration of the rainbow aesthetic into the Nuggets’ identity.

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     It’s time the Denver Nuggets’ logo and uniform set did their history justice, and created a cohesive identity that fans will really enjoy . Check out the images below to see the proposed identity of the Nuggets in 2020.

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Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 12.59.47
  • Skyline logo brought back with minor tweaks, as well as rainbow striped uniform theme

  • Black/white jerseys contrast rainbow light spectrum

  • Alternate jersey pays homage to sky blue Carmelo Anthony-era Nuggets jerseys

  • Color palette reverted back to royal and yellow

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