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     The reigning NBA Champion Toronto Raptors may have lost their superstar Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers, but with notable fans like Drake still cheering them on courtside, there are still plenty of eyes on the league’s sole Canadian franchise. The Raptors’ look has taken on a much more minimalist identity since joining the league a mere 25 years ago in 1995. The proposed logo update created as a result of this logo case study is a return to the beloved raptor logo of the 90’s, re-imagined and recolored, trimmed in gold to celebrate the franchise’s first NBA title.

     The Raptors moved to a more basic red/black color scheme in 2008, and experimented with a handful of secondary marks over the years before finally scrapping the raptor in favor of the claw-marked ball they currently use.

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     It’s about time the Toronto Raptors brought their fan-favorite logo out of retirement, and updated their identity for their fans still riding the high of their 2019 title. Check out the images below to see the proposed identity of the Raptors in 2020.

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  • Dinosaur logo brought back with minor tweaks

  • 90's striping reimagined to fit chevron / triangular uniform theme

  • Gold accents to celebrate the team's 2019 NBA championship

  • Purple predominant color in revised color palette

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