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     The team now known as the "Washington Football Team" has been in dire need of a name change since its inception in the National Football League, back in 1932 bearing the franchise's first name - the "Braves." It was only a few short years later that the team was renamed to the racial slur it bore for over 80 years.

     Thanks to pressure from investors in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, team ownership of the franchise parted ways with the highly offensive, controversial title it had previously held, in favor of the "Washington Football Team" - a name they have announced is a placeholder for an eventual new identity.

     The team has stated that it wants to consult the Native American & Military communities, as well as fans, as to what name and identity should be put in place to replace the previous name. It's a long overdue change, and with the eyes on the nation on the Washington Football Team, they really need to get it right. This conceptual identity is a way of changing the narrative in D.C. from one of controversy to one of celebrating People of Color's heritage and honoring our nation's heroes.

     Check out the images below to see the proposed identity, and new direction of the Washington Redtails.

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  • Helmet logo depicts Goggles of Tuskegee Airmen Pilots

  • Color Palette preserved, as well as "HTTR" slogan

  • Jersey numbers inspired by numbers on Tuskegee Airmen Planes

  • Inaugural Season patch in style of Tuskegee Airmen letterman patches

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