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     The Houston Rockets’ team identity has seen several different eras over the course of their history, but perhaps none more iconic than the look they sported during their back-to-back championship seasons in 1994/1995. The look centered around a yellow basketball with a bold red outline. The proposed logo update created as a result of this case study is inspired by the logo the Rockets wore when they were the best in the league, even in the midst of the Jordan era in the NBA.

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     This season, the Rockets released a new secondary mark, as well as a fresh set of uniforms. However, a complete identity refresh could do the streaking Rockets some good. Led by James Harden and Russell Westbrook, the Rockets give their fans plenty to be excited about with the current lineup, and nothing sells quite like success.

     It’s time the Houston Rockets update their identity to match the high-reaching potential that the team itself possesses. Check out the images below to see the proposed identity of the Rockets in 2020.

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  • New logo features a planet with a rocket in orbit, and a hidden "HR" in the lines that create the iconic basketball look

  • Grey secondary color replaced with retro yellow - color scheme matches mid-90's era uniforms

  • Retro wordmarks and fonts tweaked and updated for more modern usage

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