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     The Oklahoma City Thunder may not have any NBA championship titles to their name, but they do have one title in their possession - least-liked logo in the league. Countless fan surveys have shown the Thunder as the least liked logo in the NBA, which is a steep drop off from the popularity of their former logo, when the team played as the Seattle Sonics.

     The proposed logo update created as a result of this logo case study is a brand new direction for the franchise, with an emphasis on their midwestern home and the rolling thunder over the plains, where the team gets its namesake.

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     The Thunder are in need of a top to bottom upgrade, one that might make their fans forget the fact they walked away empty-handed from the 2012 NBA Finals. Now led by new-guy-in-town Chris Paul, OKC remains a contender in one of the most competitive NBA seasons to date. The Thunder need to update their identity to shed the least-liked logo title before they can pursue a championship one.

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  • New visual identity centered around Thunderstorm 'Doppler Radar' logo

  • Custom font to give a more 'Oklahoma' aesthetic

  • New custom 'OKC' tertiary logo mark

  • Introduction of team nickname "Boom Town" on alternate jerseys

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