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     The franchise we now know as the Tennessee Titans got their start in the American Football League as the Houston Oilers in 1960, and joined the National Football League ten years later in 1970. The Oilers’ identity was one of the cleanest in league history, with a minimalist logo that popped in sky blue and a vibrant red.

     The team relocated to Tennessee in 1997, and played two seasons under the Oilers’ name before rebranding as the Titans in 1999. The team recently updated their uniforms in 2018, but many fans are not wild about the new look.

     In 2019, the Titans rode the legs of their star running back, but fell just short of reaching Super Bowl LIV. The team has since garnered a lot more attention than they had in previous seasons, and with plenty of eyes on them looking forward, they are in serious need of an updated identity. Something eye-catching and fresh, with a nod to where it all began.

     It’s time for the Tennessee Titans to adopt a new logo and uniform set. Check out the images below to see the proposed identity of the Titans in 2020.

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  • New Titan sword logo replaces shield as primary, pays homage to historic Oilers uniforms

  • Greek style “TT” pattern around collar

  • Jersey numbers bolder & cleaner, but still stylized - less pointy / jagged

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